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About Us

About Us

About Us

About Us

TheARThaus was established in 2011 out of our love for children and passion for art. We offer art courses for children and adults specially designed to meet their needs. We provide possibilities for creation and promote conditions for appreciation. At TheARTthaus, students are encouraged to express themselves and develop new habits and ways of looking at things from diverse perspectives. Students can explore, think out of the box and broaden their horizons. We have a strong team of committed & experienced art educators and practicing artists who ensure quality teaching, sharing, and learning take place. Since its inception, and to God the glory, TheARThaus has trained over one thousand students from over 20 countries. Over the years, many TheARThaus students have been successfully accepted into SOTA and Art colleges/universities worldwide.

Our Mission

TheARThaus' mission is to encourage the growth and development of creative, free-thinking individuals. We believe that all children are gifted in their own unique way, and with reliance on God’s wisdom, we teach and nurture our students to bring out their uniqueness. We are deeply passionate about implementing a quality art education that not only delivers art knowledge and skills but also promotes international-mindedness through awareness and understanding of cultural art, as well as develops important personal character. To this end, we provide safe, quality process-based programs to nurture the children holistically. Through art, we create a space where children and adults can freely discover, explore and express their creativity in a stress-free and cozy environment. Our Holistic curriculum is specially designed to include eight facets: Art Fundamentals, Multi Intelligence, Multi Medium, Art Techniques, Multi-Disciplinary, Art Appreciation, Multi-Cultural, and Character Building

Our Philosophy

TheARThaus’ Philosophy is based on the belief that :

bullet Every Child is gifted and unique
bullet Creativity inherent to all Children.
bullet Creativity is about inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, making mistakes and having fun.
bullet Art is of vast and incalculable importance to one's life as it 
rouses the mind. 
bullet Visual art is an integral part of one's complete education.
bullet One must have knowledge in order to create good artwork.

Benefits Of Our Program

TheARThaus’ Philosophy is based on the belief that :

bullet Flexible and small group coaching
bullet Unleash artistic talents through fun, happy, structured and relaxed environment
bullet Dynamic curriculum aims to nurture multi-intelligence, versatile, skills, creativity, cultural awareness and to bring out the uniqueness of each student
bulletBuild a strong foundation in Visual Art in terms of Elements of Art and Principles of Design
bullet Teaching across the Disciplines – Incorporate Science, Technology, Art & Math
bullet Focus on character building and the learning of life skills through fun and creative ways

Students learn different styles, techniques and art history

Core Values


TheARThaus should equip each child to act on their own accord. In enabling children to conduct themselves autonomously, we send the message that we trust their decisions will benefit themselves and the studio community.


TheARThaus seeks to provide opportunities for children to test and develop their integrity by engaging them in conversation about their decisions and leading by example.


TheARThaus wishes to impart to our children that they alone are responsible for their actions and that those actions directly affect their personal experience and studio community. Each child must learn to weigh their decisions against this responsibility. Our children should acknowledge the opportunities provided by their parents, their community, and TheARThaus.


TheARThaus values the merit of effort and the satisfaction of hard work. In a creative environment, we allow for many different types of being, learning, and doing. Therefore, we ask that our children engage in the full range of studio activities.

bullet  EMPATHY

TheARThaus seeks to help our children develop a caring and respectful attitude toward others. We do this in part by treating each child with respect and understanding. Greater empathy leads to a deeper connection with others and a larger sense of place in the world..

bullet  SAFE-SPACE

TheARThaus seeks to provide a safe place for children to develop as creative individuals, a process that often takes courage. Creativity is the transcendence of  traditions towards the formation of the new. We promote a safe space in creative development by being consistent, kind, compassionate, and strong. TheARThaus maintains a no-tolerance policy towards hate. It is through a safe and stable foundation that children can become excellent.


TheARThaus’ Philosophy is based on the belief that :


Provides sound foundation in the language of visual expression through learning and experiencing the elements of art and the principles of design.


Uses different medium to encourage students to express their artistic ideas in alternative ways and allow them to develop their creativity.


Encompasses many different art forms, from traditional mediums such as paintings and drawings to more recently developed approach that uses digital and time-based mediums.


Explores different art techniques with students, encourages them to develop not only aesthetic appreciation and practical art skills, but also a deeper understanding of our relationship with the outside world.


Demonstrates that Art is necessary adjunct to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and other disciplines by connecting the dots for all.


Studies the artists and art periods chronologically or in styles e.g. impressionist, renaissance etc.


Expands students’ worldview and multicultural discovery as they explore art from different countries and cultures.


Allows students to continually build skills and develop their personal style and creativity