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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

• Enhance the level of creativity - "the ability to think out-of-the-box"
• Achieve higher levels of self-expression
• Improve observation and better concentration
• Increase confidence and smartness
• Build the foundation for varied career options in the future
• Act as an effective stress buster

We have various art programs ranging from core programs to enhancement programs. Our programs are crafted to progressively inspire learners to visualize, comprehend and compose their subject, background, and colors to bring dynamics to their finished masterpiece. In addition, our program is specially designed to build self-esteem through the creative process using fine art as a medium. The studio offers individual instruction for children and adults in an art class setting. Art classes include pencil, pastel, charcoal, painting, and ceramics.

The recommended age for a child to start the Toddler program of theARThaus is three years old because children under the age of three generally lack the motor skills and attention span required for a learning environment. Additionally, the Toddler course is designed in such a way that it involves joining dots & cutting/tearing paper, which further improves children's fine motor skills.

We have various modes to book for the trial lesson : Email, WhatsApp, call or visit us by stating your child's name, date of birth, parent’s name, contact number and email, as well as available date/time for the trial.

To register, you may approach us via email or WhatsApp. Our teachers will prompt you to fill up the online registration and terms/conditions form and book your time slot with payment. A registration fee of $50 is applicable for all new sign-up. All payments must be made in full by cash/nets/cheque/PayNow only before the commencement of any classes, excursions, workshops, and other events organized by theARThaus .

Our program fees vary and depend on which type of program you choose.

For New Enrolment, there will be :

  • One-off and non-refundable registration fee of $50. Students will have to re-register if they leave theARThaus for more than a year.
  • $120 refundable deposit per child. This deposit is refundable upon the fulfillment of serving one month's notice of termination before the Term ends/the last lesson.

Term fees (10 lessons in one term) for classes enrolled are payable one week before the Term starts to reserve the time slots. We accept Cash, Nets, PayNow, or Cheque made payable to "Thearthaus" (no spacing in between).

Yes, we will pro-rate the term fee if you start in the middle of a term.

As this is a drop off class, parents do not need to stay with their children in the class.

Parents are not allowed to be in the class once the lesson has begun. The presence of strangers make the children anxious and uncomfortable and make the teachers' movement difficult. However, for new admissions, especially for young children (e.g. 3 years), we can make special arrangement for parents to be present for the first two lessons to help them settle in. In addition, please fix up an appointment two days in advance for parents who would like to observe their children in the class. The observation time is half an hour.

If a student cannot attend class, you should notify theARThaus so we may utilize that space for the day. Classes can be made up only if you inform us by noon on the scheduled class day, any absence without prior notice will be counted as the child has completed the class. Students must make up all the missed classes or unused lessons within a month from the date of absence, replacement classes not attended by then will be forfeited.

Yes, your child will go for class on the day that you choose for each week. If you want to switch days, that is possible depending on the availability of the day/time of the class you request.

All classes will start on time. If you are late for the class, the ending time of the class remains the same.

No, you cannot carry forward the lessons you have missed to the next term. Instead, students must make up all the missed lessons (capped at three lessons per term) within a month from the date of absence. Make-up classes not attended will be forfeited.

Our 4 to 7-year-old classes have at most five students per teacher. In our classes for ages 8+, there are at most seven students per teacher.

theARThaus will continue to monitor the child's progress upon entry into the program. The program is modified and personalized based on the child's progress. theARThaus will promote the child to the next level based on the child's progress.

The program, workshop, and excursion fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable. In addition, fees paid are not refundable if the student decides to withdraw from theARThaus before the term ends.

Yes, parents/guardians can request to suspend the classes if the child is :

a. Suffering from long-term sickness

b. Traveling overseas for more than two consecutive weeks. Parents/guardians must provide, within a reasonable time, one of the following written proofs with the request.

  • a copy of the plane, bus, train, or ship ticket.
  • Proof of crossing the border.
  • Proof of hospitalization.
  • Proof of illness history.

The fees for the term will be pro-rated using an ad-hoc rate.

You can consider flexible package, 10 lessons with flexible schedule (e.g. Drawing & Painting package, adult package), expirty date is 6 months from the date of the first lesson; or 4 lessons flexible package (e.g. AC2 package), expiry date is 3 months from the date of the first lesson. There are also short courses (refer to our specialty course) or holiday workshops for your consideration. On top of that, individual ad-hoc class is available too.

All uncollected artworks including ceramic items (be it work in progress or finished work) left at theARThaus have to be collected within 3 months from the day the students last left the class. After 3 months, due to space constraints, all artworks and ceramic items will be discarded.