holiday program

Our Holiday Program

TheArthaus provides special holiday workshops for kids to participate during school vacation. They can discover and explore their creativity from the genres of art offered in the holiday art programs, while learning techniques in painting, drawing and handicraft in various medium.
Come engage your Children in our fun and exciting holiday art activities specially designed for those aged 4 and above.

Canvas Painting Workshop

At this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to paint with acrylic on canvas of different sizes under the proper guidance. Children can explore different painting technique, medium, style and genre on canvas. Canvas is a great way to showcase your techniques in its final form and it makes an excellent gift.

Art Medium and Techniques Exploration Workshop

At this workshop, participants are given opportunities to experience a variety of medium and techniques including oil pastel, watercolour, paper craft, textured and bottle painting. These workshops allow room for creativity and artistic expression in a nurturing environment.

Junior Art and Craft Workshop

Come and join us for our Junior Art & Craft workshops and bring home your artworks. This workshop offers fun and exciting hands-on art and craft activities that will help to build your child’s creativity and confidence and discover the joy of experimenting.