3 Days - “Dream Landscape” Dots Painting Workshop



3 Days - “Dream Landscape” Dots Painting Workshop

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In this workshop, students explored the aboriginal art of Australia and used dots or tiny strokes to paint a Dreamscape artwork. Students will learn to compose different sizes of dots, allowing them to dry and then stippling different colors on top of each other to create value and texture. In addition, students will explore how the proportions of the colors of the dots and the density of dots change the color the eye sees.


May 27 - 29 (Mon  to Wed)

May 29 - 31 (Wed to Fri)

Jun 03 - 05 (Mon  to Wed)

Jun 05 - 07 (Wed to Fri)

Jun 10 - 12 (Mon  to Wed)

Jun 12 - 14 (Wed to Fri)

Jun 17 - 19 (Mon  to Wed)

Jun 19 - 21 (Wed to Fri)

Time: 10am - 1pm/ 2 - 5pm

*6 yrs & above

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